Cambaum Group Business Optimization

April 2018

More focused on total physical access control solutions for Industry and innovative business.

In 2012, Cambaum Group and Kaba AG established a joint venture company in China. In 6 years’ time, the cooperation of both companies has achieved a tremendous success in China. Now both companies have decided to further their cooperation and to optimize their businesses by dormakaba China Ltd (Suzhou, China) acquiring the Commercial Building Solutions of PAS in China from Cambaum Group. On 27 April 2018, the acquisition has been completed.
In the future, Cambaum Group will continue to focus on the total physical access control (PAS) solution, specializing on the more complexed areas such as the PAS in the metro, railway, airport and immigration areas as well as innovative R&D. As always, Cambaum Group will continue to produce high quality solutions for commercial buildings for dormakaba China Ltd (Suzhou, China), and to provide all necessary support to the satisfaction of our customers.
Cambaum Group will focus on our business development, increasing in the investment in innovation and to create opportunities to serve a wider field with a variety of customers.
Both companies agree not disclose further financial details of the transaction.


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